How to customize Elementor button colors

Have you ever needed to insert multiple buttons on a website made with Elementor? Have you noticed that this can be a repetitive task and that it takes time? Yes, because with each button inserted it is necessary to: Choose the color of the text Choose the color of the background Choose the color of the text for the mouse hover Choose the…

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Staging Wordpres Site With One Click via CPanel


How to Change a WordPress site in Production with zero risk? In this video I show how to use the WordPress Staging tool. It is available in some Hostels and in Siteground (the one I use and recommend) you can find it in the “Grow Big” plan. With this tool, you can change everything you want on a website…

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Header and Footer in Elementor - The Simplest Way

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a header and footer and use them on every page of your website. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you will be able to change both the header and the footer in one place (in the library) in the future and these changes will automatically be reflected on all pages where you…

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CrocoBlock Review - My opinion about the subscription service

CrocoBlock Review - My opinion about the subscription service

In this video I do an analysis inside the subscription service of CrocoBlock. You will see the Widgets, Demos packages, Skins and content that they offer for those who develop WordPress sites. Everything they created was made from Elementor, either adding and extending functionality, or creating a theme especially for…

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Elementor Template Builder Tutorial - Header - Footer - Blog Layout


▶ In this video I explain how to create Header and Footer that will be used throughout the site using template builder. Now you no longer need extra plugins or crazy WordPress theme settings to have an Elementor WordPress Header and WordPress Footer template !!! ▶ You can already create at the Elementor Library, the…

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