How to find out where a website is hosted - 2 ways

Often, I need to find out where a website is hosted because the customer does not remember or no longer has the hosting data.

In this article I will show you how I can find out what a website's server is, during my website creation process.

And in some cases, the site is behind a CDN like Cloudflare.

I will show you here how to discover the hosting of the site even in this most complicated case!

How to find out where a website is hosted directly

Go to and fill in the site you are looking for. In the example, I used

How to find out where a website is hosted - Whoishostingthis

After clicking SEARCH you will see the result.

How to find out where Instagram is hosted

Note that the provider is Acquia Hosting.

Below we see the Nameservers, that is, the servers. In this case, we can see that they are on Amazon due to the acronym “aws”.

In most cases, you will be reviewing smaller sites. You will find, for example, results that point to hosting as Locaweb, Hostgator, Hostinger and other similar ones.

This information will be very useful for you to get, for example, to contact the hosting support.

How to find out where a website is hosted right behind Cloudflare

In some cases, it gets more complicated.

When a website is using a Cloudflare CDN, the result can be something like this:

Note that the two Nameservers are not exactly from a hosting.

In this case, comes into action.

This service is able to do a deeper scan and even show a hosting history.

Let's do an Instagram search

After clicking the arrow to search, you will see something like this:

Note that we see that it is actually on Amazon.

But we can go further and discover the server history. By clicking on the “Historical Data” tab, we will see more results.

Note that to see a complete history we need to create a free account.

After creating the account, see that we were able to go there at the beginning of the first Instagram stays.

You can see that the first hosting is from August 31, 2008 at Rightsite Groups LTD.


You now have two great tools for tracking where a website is hosted.

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