How to burn your professional film in 5 steps

Photo: The Mess, by Pascal;
Photo: The Mess, by Pascal;

1 - Accept all jobs that appear.

Did a client appear asking you to maintain ecommerce? Do you have to manage the mailing, get some "little details" on the site, advertise products on social networks, etc.? Take all.

Do you study PHP but the client asked for a logo? No problems. Take everything that appears. After a while you will see that you spent hours of your life trying to learn something that didn't add anything to you, just because the customer needed it. In addition, you will see that, because it is something outside your expertise, you ended up charging cheap, because "it was starting".

The result is that there will be a number of unfinished projects, because at the time of the “catch to cover” you didn't have all the necessary knowledge.

Focus, get to know yourself and find out what you really like. Work on what you can finish. This way you will have a more presentable portfolio and get satisfied customers. Word of mouth will work for you and not against you!

2 - Criticize other people's work on social networks.

That's right! Did you find a poorly made site? Send a print screen through Facebook, with the link to the website and get the wood on whoever made it. It doesn't matter if the other person is also trying to learn, if the client was in a miserable “pindura”. Screw the world and the problems of others. Grace is laughing at what is badly done. Just don't forget that the fetico can turn against the sorcerer, my friend.

In addition, remember that a future employer, or a future client can see this and discourage you from hiring you.

Don't waste your precious time analyzing bad jobs. Do the exact opposite! Enter sites that reward other sites. Study good portfolios at Behance. Pay attention to how that complicated navigation was resolved. Put good things in your mind and you will deliver good things. Put bad things and you will deliver bad things.

3 - Complain about the labor market.

Say that the "nephews" lower the price. Spend your life fighting with employers, complaining that they exploit workers, that they pay little, that they demand a lot, etc, etc, etc ... Once again, you are scaring potential employers and customers.

Know that there is a market for everyone. At the beginning of our career, we tend to think that every job offer is exploitation. Understand how the law of supply and demand works. Try to understand the market and employers. Talk to experienced professionals and see how they have evolved. If you find yourself in the situation of being in a poorly paid job today, do your research, go to lectures and find out what to do to enhance your pass.

4 - Respond to all job offers by criticizing them.

When someone posts an offer on Facebook, be the first to say that the position is wrong, that they are requiring knowledge of Back End but the vacancy of Front End.
Again, don't waste your precious time on this. There are vacancies for good professionals and, oddly enough, it is difficult for the employer to find them. There are many people with beautiful resumes, but at the time H, they do not deliver. Study and you will quickly stand out.

5 - Learn everything “in the race”.

No buying books, or taking courses. Go on doing and learning. Take years to understand what you could get in two days of course or a month reading books. Break your head on customer sites. It doesn't hurt that his ecommerce is down for a couple of days, right? What matters is to learn by doing.

Unless you don't really have any change, know that investing in yourself is the best deal. Knowing what to study, what books to buy, what college to do, are fundamental knowledge that can accelerate your professional growth. And even with little money, there are libraries, cheaper courses. Buy used books, search on Facebook if someone has to sell. If you can afford it, take good courses and the return is guaranteed.


These are just a few quick tips. I wrote them because I see many people making these gaffes, especially on social networks. Did you know that everything you write can exist forever on the internet. Even if you delete it, you can stay in the search engine cache or someone can "print" it and play in the cloud for eternity. Invest in yourself and don't waste time with nonsense.

Now, if you have a different point of view, you can put your mouth on the trombone there in the comments. I am not the owner of the truth and every discussion is always fruitful.