How to Translate Website in WordPress [Free Plugin]

In this video I will show you how to translate a WordPress site.

If you've ever been angry trying to translate a WordPress site, here's one thing: I know how you feel.

With the Conveythis plugin, things are simpler. It translates automatically in a few minutes.

Watch the full video to translate your WordPress site for free right now!

One of the biggest advantages of having a multi-language website is that it brings more visits, that is, it increases the traffic of the website.

Imagine you start reaching audiences outside of Brazil ...

Watch the tutorial on how to translate website in wordpress

step by step where I teach:

  • create your FREE Conveythis account
  • install the Conveythis plugin
  • generate the API key for free
  • choose your preferred language
  • automatically translate the WordPress site And I also give you a bonus that you have in the PRO version…

I show como :

  • add a second language
  • remover a frase “Powered by ConveyThis”

I have some multi-language client sites and I confess that it is a laborious task to translate the pages with what I have today.

But I'm going to migrate to Conveythis because I found it much simpler to translate a WordPress site with it.

If you want to learn more about the PRO version, leave a comment that I record a more complete video showing the potential of this translation plugin.

How to Translate Website in WordPress [Free Plugin]