Rodrigo Milan

Who is Rodrigo Milano?

I help companies take their message to the world and win over customers who believe in their brands. I do this through a website that:

  • Talk
  • Connect
  • Converts

For a website to be successful on the internet, you need to follow a few steps.

My Methodology

Understand business needs

Every website needs to have a goal. To set this goal correctly, it is necessary to be clear about the needs of the business (of my client).

Without a well-defined goal, you will never know if the site is making a comeback.

Understand the needs of the target audience

Anyone who arrives at a website has questions and is looking for solutions.

It is necessary to know the doubts, pains and desires of the target audience. Only then can the site be useful to the visitor.

If the site does not respond to the target audience, it misses visits.

Marriage of two needs

Part of the success of a website is when it connects the needs of the target audience to the needs of the business.

It is when the desire to buy is combined with the desire to sell!


It is the technique of telling a story to hold the visitor's attention.

Conversation and Connection

It is with storytelling that the site is able to chat with the visitor, hold their attention and generate connection. Without this, the chances of the visitor leaving are high.

Conversion Design

They are techniques and methods that ensure that the visitor will pass through the path of becoming a leda.

Conversion Design uses visual and textual graphic elements to guide the visitor's gaze towards the site's goal.

Marketing Automation

A good lead capture strategy needs automation. Without it, the site is abandoned and visitors forget that they visited the site after they left.

Marketing automation will trap the visitor.

Transitional Offer

This is something free that is offered to the visitor. It's not the sale yet.

It's like an invitation to go to the movies, before you start dating and getting married.

Capture Page

It is a super optimized page to capture the visitor's contact.

It can be email or whatsapp for example.


It is an automatic sequence of emails that the site sends to the visitor, who has now become a lead, a contact registered on the capture page


It is achieved after a good relationship. This will be done through sequential messages.


Sequential messages should show the lead that the company knows their pains and desires.

The business must be empathetic to the potential customer.

This facilitates a future purchase

Sales Page - Irresistible Offer

After the relationship, trust and empathy, it was time to make an offer to the lead.

The sales page is an ultra specific page for a unique and special offer.

She will also use storytelling and conversion design techniques.

This greatly increases the chances of sales.

Site Speed

It is a fact that people do not have much patience today.

If a site takes too long to load, the visitor gives up.

To avoid this it is necessary to use techniques that reduce the size of the site in general.

Image Compression

The images that go to the website need to be compressed in advance.

In addition, they must be of an appropriate size. It is common for laymen to upload images in sizes much larger than necessary.

This overloads the server and slows down the site.

Code Compression

It is the programming techniques that compress the final HTML code of the website.

Setting up a CDN

A CDN is a network of servers around the world.

When a website has a CDN, the visitor accesses the website from a place closer to them.

This increases the speed of the website as well.


It is the data that must be measured over time.

Only then is it possible to know if the site is succeeding.

Short Term Goals


As soon as the site goes live, few people know about it. In today's world, thousands of new websites are created. Being seen on the internet is getting more and more difficult.

It is important to have a strategy on how to generate traffic (visits) to the site

Social networks

One of the most used ways today. With posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, it is possible to get people's attention.

After drawing attention on social networks, you need to direct them to the site.

For this to work, it is necessary to study the target audience a lot and understand how to direct them to the website.


Another method for generating traffic to the website.

Ads are created on Google or on social networks.

These paid ads are almost always faster than a strategy of just posting to social networks

Medium Term Goals

An efficient strategy is to generate content on the site itself. This is usually done using a Blog.

Articles are created that answer the public's doubts. To work well, you need a good study of the keyword research that the target audience does.

Long-Term Goals

Creating a blog is also a long-term goal.

With an application of specific techniques, it is possible to optimize the articles for search engines like Google and Bing.

These techniques are known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Success Metrics

Over time, it is possible to measure the most visited pages.

You should also measure where visitors are coming from, what paths they take on the site.

With Google scripts, we can know the conversion rate of the site as a whole and of the capture and sales pages.

And in the long run, you should also measure how many leads the site is generating each month.

What do I do on a daily basis?

I create interfaces that connect people to the information they need

My work involves several aspects of Webdesign:

  • Layouts
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Everything is beautiful but, in the end, the interfaces must be used by other people.

I have some videos on Youtube where you can learn how to create websites without code, using WordPress and Elementor


Web Design is a cluster of numerous technical and creative tasks, but in the end, it's always about people connecting with people .

It is our task to ensure that this information list is used in the most transparent way possible. Usability, User Interface, Interaction… Beautiful words that only exist because we are always looking to create the best experience for those who use our designs.

Digital Design, or Web Design does not exist to impress or cause euphoria. He must be almost invisible. It must guide people in their tasks, facilitating these connections.

Web Design is not about the internet, it is about people, interfaces and connections.

This is what I believe.

There is always someone who will use it. It is for this person that I design.


I have a playlist on Youtube where I teach how to use Elementor and create WordPress sites without having to learn codes:

A little of history

My original area is Product Design . During my Industrial Design course at Unesp-Bauru , I saw the Internet appear in Brazil. Like many other colleagues, I became interested in the subject.

I remember it as if it were today, the day I created my first email. Okay, I had finally created an account on the so-called Hotmail. But and now? Nothing now. No one had an email, except for one or another classmate, who I saw every day and didn't need to send a message. Just talk to them 🙂

I started studying HTML, doing my first experiments and saw the explosion of Flash. A delight for those who did not have facilities with codes.

Theories, Usability, Yahoo and even the bubble burst. Hard times…

In São Paulo, I started working as a free lancer creating icons for business management systems. Soon after I was at Componentizar , arranging screens, aligning tables and buttons. I started to create all layouts of all systems.

Many technologies have come and gone. Social networks that would be the future of mankind but never came to fruition, like Second Life.

Deep down nobody wants a second life. We want our only life to be lived in the best way. We want to connect. We want to receive and send information here and now.

Every day the digital world is getting closer to people. Today we surf on the cell phone. Responsive Design is one of the many tools I use to walk side by side with new technologies and those that are yet to come.

Whether on PC, Tablet, Mobile, or wherever, the information will be there. And the Web Designer too. Making people's lives easier. Connecting the world.

Talk to me

If you want to know more about my history and work, send a message right here

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